Sunday, September 02, 2007

Secret Messages

Oftentimes, the things we see and hear convey two messages simultaneously. A critical thinker is in tune with this.

For example, if I were a person who drives a HUMMER, the obvious message is that "I drive a large SUV."

However, what is the secret message I am trying to communicate? It might be something like, "I enjoy feeling superior to others" or "I believe that driving is an act of war".

As we observe the world around us, it benefits us to observe critically, as opposed to simply accepting what we see at face value. What additional lessons can we learn from reading our history textbook or a novel like Reservation Blues?


Doc Oc said...

Sometimes we intend a different secret message than people take. Barack Obama recently said that if he were president he'd talk to ANY world leader -- even leaders of states with terrible human rights records and nuclear capability. Obama thought his "secret message" was his open-mindedness and his commitment to peace. His opponents, such as Hilary Clinton, thought his unstated message was that he was too naive, too inexperienced to be president.

The photo attached to the last blog entry is interesting. Not only is the Hummer conspicuous, but it seems to have crashed into a school bus! That, in itself, makes a comment (reveals a secret message) about Hummers.

Hjelms! said...

That really must have hurt.

Anonymous said...

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S. Bolos said...

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