Thursday, September 06, 2007

What's going on here?

On the continuing topic of "Secret Messages", I offer the following two photos which appeared side-by-side in the Monday, September 3rd issue of the Chicago Sun-Times. The image on the left features Dana Perino, the new White House press secretary, and on the right appears President Bush, both from their "surprise" visit to Iraq.

To add a little bit of context: remember that next week, General David Petraeus, the US Military Commander in Iraq, will be delivering a report to Congress detailing whether or not the 30,000 troop "surge" has had a positive effect on reducing the violence in that country.

What's the obvious message of these photos? What's the secret message? 

Your interpretation may depend on your political views or whether or not you supported the war from the beginning.


Eli said...

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Elizabeth L said...

I think its funny how theses are all picutures of icons and figures of Americans like George Bush and that newscaster; yet, they dont show the actual pictures of whats really occuring in Iraq. There is no mention of the soldiers that have died but the ones that are still there.
Although, i do believe in conveying a postive attitude and model a good picture; this is very sugar coated and most likely not what these soldiers are actually feeling and experiencing.

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