Monday, November 05, 2007

AiS - "The Searchers"

Wednesday is a special day for American Studies. We are visiting the city of Chicago to see a stage version of The Crucible. (photo on left)

But first we will return to a theme discussed at the beginning of the semester: the Native American presence in American history. Through various works of public art (see slideshow on right), we will search for the "hidden" images of American Indians among the most travelled and viewed places in the city of Chicago. Use the map below to prepare for your search. Click "View Larger Map" in order to navigate this map more easily.

As you view these works of public art, think back to our analysis of the National Archives photos during the first week of school. Do you remember what types of questions you asked of these photos? Based on what you've learned about perspective and viewpoint, will you ask the same types of questions?

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Jace said...

Sounds like a great adventure! This "search" brought to mind a quote from Reservation Blues where i believe thomas is describing the common images of indians by the outside world. The quotes said something like..."all those damn sioux get to be in all the movies and tv shows, they dont show us". I want to know if this is really the case. Are all of the monuments and statues going to be of the Sioux, or only some other well-known tribe? Ill be interested to see what type of role the white man takes in the selection of Indian monuments.

Elizabeth L said...

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