Thursday, November 15, 2007


As you enjoy your days off due to Parent-Teacher Conferences and the Institute Day, pay special attention to these news stories that were the subject of previous postings by our entire AiS community, including parents.

Moment of Silence: "A federal court judge Wednesday found that a new state law ordering a moment of silence for prayer or reflection at the start of the school day was 'likely unconstitutional.'"

Morton West Expulsions: "Finally, reason has prevailed at Morton West High School. The students who protested against the Iraq war and military recruiters at their school will not face expulsion.

This week, they will finish serving suspensions ranging from five to 10 days for locking arms in their school cafeteria and singing "Give Peace a Chance" and "Kumbaya." They learned that civil disobedience sometimes requires sacrifice."


Harlesbarkly said...

I know that we discussed this a long time ago in class, but the idea of forcing people to take a moment to "pray" just drives me nuts. Wasn't it Jefferson,one of our great ideals, that suggested that church and state be separated. This contradicts everything that we as a nation stand for. I believe strongly that the Religious fanatics are trying to merge the school with their own personal reasons. If we allow this atrocity to continue we will no longer be the land of the free.

AngelaHolt said...

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