Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Did he get what he deserved?

While watching Werner Herzog's documentary, Grizzly Man, we noted the words of one man interviewed who claimed that Timothy Treadwell, someone who studied and lived with grizzly bears, "got what he deserved".

What do you think of this statement?

In Roger Ebert's review of the film, he quotes the director, Herzog, as saying, "I believe the common character of the universe is not harmony, but hostility, chaos and murder."

Ebert goes on to reveal his own opinion of Timothy Treadwell:
I have a certain admiration for his courage, recklessness, idealism, whatever you want to call it, but here is a man who managed to get himself and his girlfriend eaten, and you know what? He deserves Werner Herzog.


Jace said...

First of all, I think that so far this movie is very interesting on two separate levels, well actually three if you think about it. I made some connections with Into The Wild, especially when those people were sharing their thoughts about Timothy and his tragic death. As we were watching those clips, I immediately thought of the letters that krakauer received about Chris McCandless' "foolishness" and "stupidity". I wonder why Herzog added these semi-hateful clips? Was Herzog addressing the other side like krakauer was?
My opinion about Timothy and his expeditions is this: If you want to go out into the wild, you need to follow some guidlines. Number 1, do NOT kill any animals, especially animals protected by the government. Number 2, do NOT destroy or put in danger any land, shelter, or habitat. AS long as Timothy doesn't disturb the Grizzly's habitat, lifestyle, health, or safety, then i don't care what the heck he does, it's his life. As long as he doesn't break any of those rules and laws, then let him do what he wants, and if he dies, then mourn if you'd like, but do not criticize by saying he deserved it. He can do what he wants, whether he knows what he's doing or not. Who cares?

helfmank said...

I find the phrase "got what he deserved" to be depending on the type of situation and what the person is indicating. For example, Hitler, he murder millions and then ended up killing himself. Did he have it coming? I don't think there is a certain destiny to the phrase. In my opinion, Treadwell was living amongst bears for thirteen years and was handling himself pretty well. He said he had a few enar death experiances, but he survived. He knew what he was getting into. That it would be dangerous. He knew the precautions going into it. He thought that couldn't get his message across if he were alive. And living in the wild amongst bears is what he wanted to do. So I believe he "didn't get what he deserved." It's just what ended up happening to him.

Sara D said...

I think this is a pretty tricky phrase and I am not sure if you can exactly say that he "got what he deserved". I think if one were to say that Timothy got what he deserved, it would imply that he did something to harm someone else and beyond that. It is pretty harsh to actually say that someone deserved to die. I think that they would have to do some evil things in order to deserve something so extreme as death.
I thought Kevin's example fo Hitler was interesting. Hitler did do many evil things, but I still am not so sure if you could say he deserved death, however I think that is a different kind of situation. Timothy hurt no one, while Hitler, obviously, hurt millions of people. However, I do agree with Kevin when he said it may very well be that that is just what ended up happening to him. I guess you could say that it is the cycle of nature?

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Timothy Treadwell was a good person who dedicated his life to saving and helping animals. I don't know how you guys can compare him to hitler in any way, shape, or form, but wether Hitler deserved to die does not have anything to do with Treadwell. The truck driver in the movie said he got what he deserved by working with such dangerous animals. Treadwell loved what he was doing and was willing to risk his life with dangerous animals everyday of his life to learn about them and protect them. How could anyone be so incredibly ignorant to think he deserved to die?? Sure, he did some pretty crazy stuff, but I would back this guy up to the end of the world becuause I believe I love animals just as much as he did. The truck driver obviously did not share the appreciation and love for nature that treadwell did, and according to him, that was enough to think he deserved to die!

Jace said...

poo yip poo yip hoo