Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Political Compass

Where do you stand on the political spectrum? Who will you vote for in the next election? Try this quiz, mentioned in class today. Go to the Political Compass website and test your beliefs.

Think about what this famous adage means: "If you're young and not a liberal, you're heartless. But if you're old and not a conservative, you're foolish." Do you agree?

One more question: where do you think Chris McCandless would be on the compass?


Harlesbarkly said...

I went to the website to take the political compass test and was surprised by some of the questions like Women first priority is the household, there job comes second. I thought by now most people who treat both sexes equally. But i understand a little bit why that would be one of the questions, there are a lot of ignorant people in the world. When i finished the test i was shocked that i was literally a box away from Gandhi.

helfmank said...

my political compass ended up being right around the middle. Except a little down and left. I thought it was intersting becuase i would have thought of myself as being more left. Yet, i guess it's sometimes better being towards the middle because agreements can come easier possibly

AngelaHolt said...

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