Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fact Check THIS.

As the election heats up, so do the negative attack ads. Plus, the increasing number of forwarded emails we receive from family and friends ramps up emotions and starts rifts. How many of us have received an email that claims Barack Obama is a Muslim or that Sarah Palin has a list of banned books?
A new free service from the St. Petersburg Times critically examines many of these wild claims, on a website that is both fun and informative for students and adults. uses a "Truth-O-Meter" to rate the accuracy of the most recent attack ads, and a "Flip-O-Meter" to assess how consistent a candidate has been over time. They even have a version for the iPhone so you can flout your knowledge at parties!

Here's a small sampling from the actual website:

PolitiFact via kwout

UPDATE: Another website,, from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, has just analyzed the 1st Obama-McCain debate regarding the various claims of the candidates.


Jackie said...

This internet site was really interesting, and I really like the idea of having a place to go to when you want to know if something you heard about a canidate is true or not. The only problems where that one, I sometimes felt like the writer/writers where siding with one canidate or the other, and if any site like this is going to truly work, you need to almost drop all your opinions about someone and just write the facts with no slant at all (which is easier said than done). The second thing was only that sometimes I didn't really know what they where talking about. Like with Sarah Palin, when it said, "The Books Sarah Palin tried to have banned" I didn't know what they where talkig about, but thats all they said. They they said it was a huge lie and that they wanted the list banned, but I still had neither any information on the original critisism, or the proof that it was fake. I really like the idea of the site, but I feel like it could be improved and that would make it work better.

Gordie C said...

I am not the most political savvy person so many of these attacks I didn't understand fully. Like Jackie I seeing the different attacks from candidates and also regular people. It shows what candidates are more favored and also which candidate has more skeletons in their closet. while I was looking at some of the other attacks on their website I noticed that both candidates had lied and told the truth. I was surprised at how 1 candidate wasn't more truthful than the other. If people ever get into an argument on the candidates honesty and credibility there is obviously no clear winner.

Gordie C said...
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Matt H said...

This is a very interesting page. I think that the maker of this page is a little liberal, due to the fact that Obama had more "true" attacks than anyone else. Besides that, it's good to sum up attacks in a sentence or two and say how accurate it was because I really don't want to read a three page article about an Obama attack and then have to dig to find out if it's true and credible or not.

John said...

i don't think you can just say that the maker is liberal just because Obama has more true claims confirmed. the whole point of the website is to be objective; don't you think Obama has more claims proved true, because he actually made more true claims?

Boris P said...

Either Mccain is trying really hard to smear Obama or this site is biased. It seems most of the facts/falsehoods revolve around Obama and what people say about him.