Monday, September 15, 2008

Digital Storytelling Presentations

Starting Tuesday, we will be going to the LIBRARY to begin a Digital Storytelling project. And because you are all so tech-savvy, we're using a new web-based technology called "VoiceThread", which allows you to work from any internet-enabled computer either at home or at school.

If you have personal pictures you would like to use for this project, please upload them to a site that is NOT blocked by the school's filter; i.e., don't use Facebook unless you are uploading images from home. A good alternative would be Picasa, which is already associated with your Blogger account, or Flickr, which has a direct connection to VoiceThread. You can also have a little fun editing the photos online with Picnik (thanks to my daughter for recommending this site).

Watch the tutorial below before we go to the lab so you can spend less time learning the tech and more time creating!

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