Friday, November 04, 2011

An American Studies Occupies Chicago!


Jason L. said...

I am so glad that we got the opportunity to take a field trip to the city. Despite being in the nicer part of Chicago for the vast majority of the trip, we still got a quick glimpse of the not-so-pretty area. I lived the first half of my life in Chicago so it was nice to pass by some of the places I used to visit as a kid.

AbbeyR said...

I agree with Jason's comment. It was a wonderful opportunity our American Studies class was able to take part in. Our class was able to experience an unique day in the city as well as visit a museum and a play. I enjoyed the excursion very much!

MBGarcia said...

I agree with both Abbey and Jason. Clybourne Park was both a hilarious play and a play that really made me think. I enjoyed it a lot. Also, I really enjoyed visiting the Osaka Gardens, because it's one of those places that is so beautiful and has so much meaning, but I never would have known it existed if not for this excursion. It really was a great opportunity for our class.

Betsy P said...

On the front page of today's Chicago Tribune Arts & Entertainment section was an article about Clybourne Park. The article is titled, "No Place Like Home?" (found here: and shows some of the responses Steppenwolf received from the questions proposed in the lobby.

Some responses:
"I am an Irish Catholic whose family moved to Beverly when South Shore became black.","Two thousand dollar strollers pushed by Latina and Polish nannies.""I want my kids to not see the differences I can't stop seeing."

Clybourne Park is a very powerful play that speaks to the issues Chicago neighborhoods face today. In a sense we are the "kids" to end the differences of today.